San Francisco SEO: DIY or Hire Professionals?

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 Are you a San-Francisco-based business in need of SEO services? Thinking of trying to bootstrap together an SEO  strategy instead of hiring a company to perform general SEO tasks and  local San Francisco SEO services? Here are the reasons you may want to  reconsider.   

1.) You need top-quality San Francisco SEO services

In order for an SEO campaign to produce the results you’re probably  looking for, you’ll need to develop and implement a detailed and  strategic plan. This plan will have to include many of the major  components of a typical SEO campaign as well as a few extras that won’t  be easy to master. SEO, essentially, is optimizing your website and its  content in order to receive more organic search traffic. You need  high-quality San Francisco SEO services. Don’t settle on a mediocre  solution. Here are some major components of a successful SEO campaign: Keyword research and optimization
Domain, URL, and meta tag optimization
Website structure
Local SEO strategy
On and off-page optimization
A link building strategy that doesn’t backfire on you (no black-hat SEO) All of these elements are critical and require an experienced  professional to perform to get the best results. We employ seasoned SEO experts with at least three years of experience getting top results for clients around the globe. To target locals in San Francisco online, you’ll need to implement a  local SEO strategy. Local SEO is an entire division of SEO that focuses  on optimizing your website to reach people within a certain geographical  area. By having a professional SEO team manage the optimization of your website to accurately target San Francisco locals, you’ll receive higher local search engine  visibility. This will result in more targeted traffic to your online  store or business website. Local SEO will help get the right kind of  traffic to your site, rather than random people located half a world  away. 

2.) Hiring a professional SEO company will save you money long-term

Time is money. Learning SEO techniques  that convert takes thousands of hours. Additionally, SEO equates to  free, long-term, organic traffic. If your website isn’t correctly  optimized, you could be losing out on hundreds or thousands of clicks  and leads that could turn into customers. You shouldn’t be relying on  paid advertisements to get traffic to your webpage, especially local  traffic. While ads are an effective method of internet marketing,  SEO will allow you to build up momentum on the web and receive non-paid  traffic that increases month-by-month, as long as you are publishing  quality content to your website. 

3.) Professional SEO companies run like well-oiled machines

Truly professional SEO companies develop their own tools and systems  that are running under the hood to deliver you the best results  possible. These tools aren’t available on the market for you to buy and  use. We can develop a highly-targeted local SEO campaign for your  business with our suite of tried and tested SEO tools and our highly experienced team. Let us develop and implement an SEO plan that is customized for your  San Francisco business and targets people in and around San Francisco  instead of traffic that doesn’t convert for your business. Extorfx is a professional SEO company with guaranteed results. Contact us today to get started taking your online business or website to the next level. 

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