Freewrite/Selfie Contest (prompt-swing) day 5

in selfiecontest •  last year 


I dream of the day I own a home. A place that I will sit upon a swing. I love the thought of kicking back on one, with a cold drink (or coffee) in my hand. Ahem, I was talking about an ice tea or something! I want one here where I live, but the blasted constant rain would ruin it within months. Plus, I would NOT want to sit on my back patio having to stare at the neighbors patio. I want a place that I can watch cars go by, or animals, or kids playing, or read. If you have ever wanted one, or have one, you know what I mean. It is so relaxing to sit and swing there, enjoying the gentle breeze, or smelling the freshness of spring rain. To sit there and relax with a friend or other. What is stuck in my head at the moment is a song "We'll be swingin,' by John Anderson.

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