SELFIE CHALLENGE week #9: SAD SELFIE : Just click a selfie and win 100whaleshares + DSE 20%upvotes for every participant

Hello steemit friends,

As #selfiechallenge is booming well Selfiechallenge week 9 starts with this post.

This contest is for selfies, and the theme will change every week and i believe a selfie contest is real fun, bringing happy real faces on steemit.

Week #9 Theme - SAD SELFIE or not so amused selfie

To give examplesssss, here is what i am talking about :


As always you can use stuff/props, filters and editors, it just has to be a selfie - A SELF CLICKED PICTURE OF SELF/ Timer selfies/ selfies giphy, gifs also allowed. All level of fun and editing allowed, but just make sure we can spot a human in the selfie.


First Winner : 50 whaleshares + 100% upvote from @DSE

Second winner : 30 whaleshares + 100% upvote from @DSE

Third winner : 20 whaleshares + 100% upvote from @DSE

EVERY PARTICIPANT : 20% upvote from @DSE

What is a whaleshare?

Whaleshares are token that can be used to get a whale vote on any of your post. Whaleshare gives you the power of deciding how many sbd you fetch out of your whalevote. For more details, you can just go through this blog :STEEMGIG - A COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO USE WHALESHARES!. With this guide, you can exactly calculate how many dollar vote you get on your post. I find it amazing.

In short, one whaleshare lets you fetch 1% vote of whale officialfuzzy on any of your post. So if you win 50 whaleshares, you can use them in anyway, parting 10-10 percent votes on 5 of your posts or using all the 50% vote to boost your one post.

How to enter the contest?

-- Take a selfie realted to theme and make a post about it.
-- Title of your post must have with ' SELFIE CHALLENGE Week #9'.
-- First tag of the post must be : Selfiechallenge.
-- ONLY ONE ENTRY ALLOWED, so try giving your best one.( if more than 1 entry given, only first one will be considered).
-- End of challenge will be 'when this post payouts', i.e. 7 days exactly.
-- Resteem compulsory( so that the contest can reach more people ).


-- Massive thanks to @akrid and whaleshare community for sponsoring the contest. You can join us on discord : here

-- Heartfelt thanks to @DSE for his 'upvoting and supporting the participants' courtesy.

So we are all set, lets click those weird selfies and have some fun and prizes.


Winners for week8 will be announced shortly :)

Feel free to reach out for any questions or suggestions :
Discord and username : thatindianlady

If you like my work, follow me @thatindianlady

With love :
Your's THAT Indian lady :
Till next blog, HAPPY STEEMING

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Sounds like a total fun contest 👹


Yes indeed hoping you will participate

office me boss ki daant padne ke baad hi ban payegi aisi selfie to week to bahut kam hai iske liye! 😜


Hahaha iske liye 10.minute ki kafi h, daat khane wale kam krne is sooo easyyyy 😁😁

wow sexy

Well, the selfie says it all! Lol! Good luck everyone!

I want to participate in your challenge... Thanks for giving the chance..


Pleasure, looking forward to your entry :)


Okay... Sure

best of luck about challenge!!


THankyou :)

Heres my entry for sad selfie week 9

Congrats to all the winners week8


Thankyou for your entry orlena :)

Thank you

If you would like to recieve upvotes from me on all your posts, simply FOLLOW @NirGF

rely sed selfie, like your post

Very best of luck for the competition.


Dhanyawaad :=

Hello @thatindianlady, here is my entry for this week selfiechallenge

Thanks for the previous one


Thankyou for entering bekky ❤😘


Hehe thats a really sad one :D

All the best


Thankyou for your entry :):)

This is fun!!
Ive got to try one.

Here's my entry.
Sad selfie week 9


HEy , the post paid out, end of this week entry submisisons , sorry, new theme will come up soon after 4 5 days