5 Characteristic Of Immature People

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#1 Characteristic: You Want Your Reward Now!

You have to plant in Spring in order to harvest in Fall.
Many people, when it comes to effort contribute a little and expect to be rewarded immediately. Many people do business, result sucks at the beginning, and they feel like giving up, some at first stone, other later.

Some people give up so easily, developing a habit of giving up. Therefore you need the vision to look farther, the vision is for you to look at the future!

So why do people give up easily then?
A Famous American success guru Napoleon Hill once said: Poor people have two typical mindsets that keep them poor:
always say "No" to opportunity
always want to "get rich quick"

There's no get rich quick magic, we must be willing to put in the effort to pursue the dream!
So why do you have to put in the effort?
Because you are in pursuit of your dreams, and hopes and dreams are the keys that keep us alive.
If a person has no hopes and dreams, then life will not have much meaning!
In order to get what you want in your life, you have to first give what you want.

You want more time, you must first give your time.
You want more money, you must first give your money.
You love your hobby, you have to first sacrifice your hobby.
You want to have more family time together, you must first spend less time together with your family.

However, one thing is clear, whatever you give, you will receive multiple times in return.

We must learn how to give and how to be grateful!

#2 Characteristics: Lack Of Self Discipline.

Three specific areas where people lack self-discipline:

  1. Staying Stagnant
    You must change the way of thinking and your behavior patterns. You have to get rid of your bad habits.
    People have many bad habits, such as watching TV, play videogames, drink and more.
    Sometimes people would rather stick with a bad lifestyle than endure the pain of changes.
  2. Talk bad about others:
    In life, if you like to talk bad about others, then one day it will pass back to you.
  3. Negativity and Complaining
    Which person do you like the most?
    Those who frown and complaining all day about everything? Or those people who are happy all day long? If you find yourself complaining-stop! If your friends are always complaining, you need to consider hanging out with a different group.

#3 characteristic: Often Swayed By Emotion.

5 factors that decide if a person is successful:

  1. Able to control their emotions
  2. A healthy body
  3. Good interpersonal skills
  4. Good Time Management
  5. Good Financial Management
    You must learn to manage these five factors if you want to succeed.

DON'T Criticize, DON'T Complain, DON'T Blame ;
Encourage MORE, Praise MORE, Appreciate MORE .

#4 Characteristic: Lazy to learn, self-righteous, Don't "Empty Your Cup."

In fact, there are many similarities between humans and animals, animals have a stronger self-protection instinct than people.
But the biggest difference between people and animals is that......
The humans know how to Think and Learn.
You have to keep learning to stay ahead of time, always have an open mind and empty your cup when it's necessary.

#5 Characteristic: Rely on OPINION instead of a FACT.

We use to say that BELIEVE is the start, PERSISTENT is the end. People tend to make decisions based on peoples opinion instead of fact. They are not 100% confident in what they're doing, believe and belief are two different concepts, believe is visible, belief is invisible.

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