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If so, then use these awareness tools and mind methods as reminders to help you succeed in life and create the life of your dreams! All of the so-called secrets are out and what we once thought of as magic is really just the way life actually works.

We all already do create our own experience of reality in every moment of our lives, through the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behavior (action) we offer - aka our vibrational state of being. The only question is: are you doing this deliberately and consciously or are you creating from an unaware state?



Use this extremely powerful info to help you remember what you already know at the deepest level of your being!

List of Self-Empowering Reminders:

  • There is nothing that you have to do, always do what excites you most.

  • You are never missing anything or missing out, so relax and enjoy your life.

  • Whenever you get there it is the right time, everything happens in perfect timing.

  • Chance, luck and randomness are misnomers which are leftovers from the former mechanical view of how our universe works; remove them from your vocabulary.

  • Synchronicity, serendipity and co-incidence (events occurring simultaneously) are a part of the nature of how reality works.

  • Time and space are artificial constructs and thus they are illusions of your mind.

  • There is only the present moment of NOW and the only location is HERE.

  • You exist here and now, ergo you have always existed, so life is eternal

  • There is no reality other than any reality that you imagine, define and believe to be reality.

  • The reality you experience is the reality you have defined and most believe to be true.

  • Look around you to see your definitions and beliefs about reality up to this point.

  • The Universal mirror is impersonal and only has the ability to reflect your thoughts and beliefs back to you. Thus, your world can only change once you have really changed.

  • Anything that can be imagined already exists as potential for you, but can you believe it?

  • Any reality you can imagine, by its very nature, is possible for you to experience.

  • Appreciating everything already in your life right now speeds up your manifestations.

  • Make blaming and complaining things you did in the past. Insisting on those ideas means you are playing the role of victim and shunning your responsibility for creating your world.

  • To believe and say you are unworthy is the epitome of arrogance because you are singling yourself out as the only one who is unworthy in all of creation. Get over your own mind.

  • Love creates and unifies it does not divide, conquer and destroy.

  • Love is real – Real is love!

And you might say:

But Mirror Man - Why should I believe what you say is true and where is your scientific evidence?

Mirror Man Speaks:

Never believe anything that I say at face value! And rather than ask me how I know these truths and demand that I prove it to you…

Instead, in this age of awakening, ask you why you haven’t yet remembered these truths? That is to say, ask yourself why you’re denying the knowledge that’s known at the core of your being from filtering through to your conscious awareness? Get more reflections.

Eddie Corbyn
aka Mirror Man
Sharp to the Point!

Helping people to re-mind themselves to re-member and BE who they really are...

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