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I felt that everyone was getting worse around me and I wanted to ask God why he did this to us, but a voice told me that he gave us a clean and healthy world, but we have been damaging him.

When I considered a publication on climate change and the effect on all aspects of our lives, it became obvious that I would have to start by explaining the concept to them:

"Climate change is a change in the pattern of weather, and related changes in oceans, land surfaces and ice sheets, occurring over time scales of decades or longer"

        Australian Academy of Science.-

Let's say this in a simpler way, climate change is that variation of the usual temperature of a specific area in a short period of time, this makes the area have a different climate than usual, leaving the normal parameters and causing reactions totally different from those who are used there.

For example, if you always throw yourself into a pool of warm water and have done it all your life, but one day you throw yourself confident that it will be warm and you find yourself with icy water, because your body reacts shaking.


The changes have been so abrupt that forest fires have been present in places where we would never have imagined them.



Thousands of people have been affected, destroyed homes, complete factories in ruins, damage to forests, loss of unique fauna and flora ... All this, changing the composition of the land, limiting the planting of new crops, even creating deserts in places where everything was leafy.



After each event of forest fires, despite the team of volunteers and experts who mitigate the flames, the effect it produces on the environment is very harmful, even making the air an enemy of health for both humans and all the species of the area.




Another variant of Climate Change is carried out in water.
The amount of changes that have occurred in the tides have been able to change all underwater life, causing unusual migrations, death of endangered species.

Life in the ocean is made up of many different habitats. It varies from the ocean floor, currently fixed and glacial, that at the beginning of the world gave rise to life ... or those continental platforms, with tropical and warm waters.

Whether on the coast or in the aquatic environment, for the species that live in this environment, there is a more dangerous predator than any that lives in the water... THE MAN.

Fuel spills have become more common, sewage is constantly contaminating the seas, indiscriminate fishing becoming the rule and not the exception, garbage arriving without barriers to each river area.


All this has jeopardized the possibility of having potable water, marine species and the possibility of enjoying clean and healthy coasts.

Even an area that has not been taken into account is that noise pollution, which can prevent certain species that use geolocation as a natural gift to hunt and avoid predators, have their senses deteriorate gradually and permanently.

The salinity in the seas, both the increase and the decrease of its natural proportions, has changed the natural balance of the water, including its composition. This has been a death sentence for many species, affecting even their reproductive processes.


As time passes by, we are the geniuses of technology, with the 2.0 and Millennials generations, trying practically not to have to deal with anything and delegating our life to the cyber world. And that is how we have not cared to generate waste by wanting to update all our equipment, devices, cell phones and any other updated technological instrument. Technology is outdated in a short period of time and to be at the forefront we must be aware of any new developments.


This means leaving that cell phone we just bought a few months ago because we want the one that has an innovative function.

That is why we must take the change in our hands. Think more about the future of our children, about the hope of health of those new generations that will populate the areas we live in today. Space on Earth is limited.


We can not risk running out of hope, we have to make the decision to bet on health, for the future, for a clean and free planet of these predators so invasive that we are.

I always explained to my daughter that the problem was not that a person threw the garbage anywhere, but that we are millions in this world and if each one threw a single garbage to the floor, the garbage would crush us...

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