Can we make money by self-media now?

in #self-media2 years ago

When is the best tree planting? It was ten years ago and now!

As long as you love, you can write. Since the media has been on fire for a few years, the window period is indeed narrowing. If you want to make quick money, this window may not be very good, but doing it from the media itself is a kind of promotion to people, a manifestation of its own value. If you insist on writing, maybe one of your articles will burst one day. You insist on photography. Maybe one day your fans will rise up.

The soil is built into the mountains, and the winds and rains are prosperous; the water is formed into a deep, the dragons are born, and the good and the good, and the gods are self-satisfied. Therefore, there is no accumulation of steps, no miles, no accumulation of small streams, no rivers. You can't take ten steps; you can't help yourself.The ancestors told us very early that unless you are lucky enough and powerful, it is difficult to step into the sky. Since it is an ordinary person, it is good to go down the ordinary road. The starting road is very narrow, but I will insist on doing it for a few years. How many people can the media have? Of course, Luo fat is one, will he be on fire at the beginning? It’s not there, so stick to the media, don’t make big money in time, and writing is not invisible to your own literacy and logical thinking.

You mentioned this problem, I guess it may be that you have seen so many successful media, but after you have tried it, you found that the harvest is very small. It doesn't matter. Come slowly, this song I came by myself, well, actually I am also Just doing it from the media, I used to look at it in the qq space. Now I have a platform to write to everyone. I think this is a very happy opinion, so for me, I think it is promising!

People who want to rely on megatrends, their mode of thinking is: "If so, how can it be." If I can get into a good university, it would be fine; if I enter a top 500 company, it would be fine; if it is ten years Before I bought a house, it would be fine; if I bought Bitcoin five years ago and sold it in time in the first half of this year, it would be fine. The idea behind this is to enter a safe, take a quick train, ride a fast horse, take a big ship, and have a rest and peace of mind.

As long as you are not a god, you know that this is impossible.

If you want to take advantage of small trends, you have to dispel the idea of ​​once and for all. Be prepared at any time, sharpen your ability to perceive, and wait for and capture the signal of the small trend.

For those who really do things, really do their own thing and maintain a keen sense of smell. Perhaps this is the attitude that each of us should have.

No one can think of it. The game that was sneaked in the past will also make a big wave of people get rich and even be respected. Girls who love makeup make Taobao live broadcasts with hundreds of thousands of viewers. Even if they love fishing, there is also a special platform on the fighting fish.

The big trend of the capital kingdom, we can't chase, but they can stay in the new kingdom that they built after they stifle.

So, I really don't know when the wind will come and when it will blow to us.

If I can't catch up, I will be prepared to wait for it in the future.


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