Our self-destructive beliefs

The essence of negative thoughts is to attack, to wear out. Alarm bells will also ring when you start to battle your negative thoughts. Maybe your fear and anxiety will increase. However, this is completely the defense mechanism of your negative thoughts.


Your negative thoughts, like your cells, constantly renew themselves. But the antidote to every negative thought is challenged by positive thoughts. This challenge may make you a little uneasy, but you must take action. Remember that you are strong and everything is fine.

It's not enough to remind, you can write a paper and a pen. You can do that. You can write your positive thoughts without having to write down your negative thoughts and blame yourself. This will make you realize your thoughts, and you will be relieved, because your negative thoughts will now have your positive thoughts.

We may have self-destructive beliefs on the basis of our negative thoughts.
Our beliefs begin to exist along with us from our childhood and continue to develop throughout life.


Our beliefs are shaped by our perspective on any subject. In the face of any negative thinking, we advise others to motivate them and ensure that they are free of negative thoughts.

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You can write your positive thoughts without having to write down your negative thoughts. your negative thoughts will be your positive thoughts now.

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