7 Days Musics Way Back Self-Challenge. Day 6- "No Woman No Crime"- LuckyDube.

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7 Days Musics Way Back Self-Challenge. Day 6- "No Woman No crime"- Bob Marley.

Today been 6st day I started this contest #self-challenge. click here to see where it started from.

I am sharing this because of a person out there, he is a star and I am not sure if he is 100% guilty or free of what they are saying on him but according to what world are saying about him show he might probably not know anything about the case they charge him for. Ronaldo seems to be a good guy but I am sure but the law court will do the rightful about his case. No Woman No crime by Bob Marley.
If I am permitted to keep posting this, probably it will have no ending date because I am a full-blooded good music lover. Just to catch some #Fun.

Artist:Bob Marley Written by: Bob Marley, Vincent Ford Released: 1975 Genre: Reggae.

"No Woman No Crime" - Bob Marley
No, woman, no cry.
No, woman, no cry.
No, woman, no cry.
No, woman, no cry.

'Cause—'cause—'cause I remember when we used to sit
In a government yard in Trenchtown,
Ob—observing the hypocrites.
Mingle with the good people we meet.

Good friends we have. Oh.
Good friends, we have lost along the way. Yeah!
In this great future, you can't forget your past.
So dry your tears, I say.


If you are interested in this please follow this simple template.

  1. Choose one song from your old time/music you've been listening to for long
  2. Write a few words about who/what made you listen to this song for the first time, what this song means to you (was it a breakup song? you blasted it at 100% on your audio system when you were partying with your friends?) whatever you want.
  3. Write your text while you like the song. As soon as the song ends, wrap up what you were writing and submit it.
  4. Do this for 7 days in a row if you're interested in it and you can also nominate someone too.
  5. Mention one person who should do this on each day.
  6. Tag it with #self-challenge and #musicwaybackchallenge and include these rules at the bottom of your post.
  7. Follow @princeola if you are in love with this.

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