Goldilock: Crypto Key Custody and Digital Asset Storage for Individuals, Exchanges, Healthcare, DRM and Financial Institutions

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I love it when the premise project simply sells itself. these projects can stand their ground even without a whole lot of marketing. These are the project that monopolize on a real need. Things get even better when it is a product that is equally helpful for small scale customers and large scale corporation. Basically it's another way of saying that Goldilock offers state of the art military grade services for the random person on the internet.

What's The Idea

Bank vaults are a great and amazing thing. It's cheaper and more hassle free than maintaining a safe hidden inside your house. Nothing is perfectly secure. But robbing a bank is a lot harder than robbing you and you won't have to worry about defense and security and you can get your stuff back when you need them. Now I ask you to imagine a digital vault. There are some online services that present you encrypted storage. maybe you have even used them.

Now imagine a decentralized version of it. Cool, right? Now imagine if they were specialized. Ethereum is a general purpose smart contract platform. STEEM SMTs are specialized for social media. it makes perfect sense for a social media related blockchain project to pick STEEM over Ethereum. Goldilock Security Suite is one such specialization. I'm going straight for the whitepaper.

The backbone of the Goldilock Security Suite is a patent-pending, user-controlled, remotely activated airgap security solution for cryptocurrency key custody and storage of sensitive digital assets.

The Goldilock Security Suite includes:

The Goldilock Wallet - For cryptocurrency investors Integrations via the Goldilock API - For institutions who need to leverage remotely-operated airgap technology to store sensitive information, including private crypto keys and critical digital assets
Colocations - Physical vaults in Data Centers dedicated to Goldilock, for lease by institutions who need direct control over their servers
On-Premises Deployment Option - Physical Devices that enable remotely-operated airgap security for institutional or personal home use

Did You Notice The Word "Airgap "

That's a big huge selling point. The entire selling point of hardware wallets is keeping your funds safe from the internet. Now if you keep all your crypto safe and barricaded in your home and employ someone to release your funds whenever you give an encrypted message to them, that'd be cool and badass. It's also seriously expensive. But you can imagine how useful that would be.

I Just Sold You GOLDILOCK!

But I'm Not Done

Goldilock isn't just for you to store your crypto securely without hassle. You can store various kinds of confidential information using their service. Imagine keeping a movie script or n upcoming novel away from the prying eyes while you share it among those who really need to see it. Things get even more important when it comes to identity or health records. Imagine you had a certain allergy. Somebody could even use that information to cause you bodily harm or even death. You could put these records in a safety deposit box. But when you need them while you are on a trip to the other side of the world...... then you are in a pinch.

It's Even Great For Exchanges

Big players like Binance have their stuff covered. But what if you are a small player like which is funding its voting bot via exchange fees. The devs can soon waive off some of their responsibilities off their shoulders when Goldilock is functional.

China + NEO

The best performing blockchain is EOS, But the one that is most cozy with regulators is NEO. In fact the project was built up from the ground with Chinese regulations in the mind. So there is a chance that the whole thing might take off in China. Don't bet on it. But it's a great bonus to keep in mind.


Security Features According to The Whitepaper

  • Physical airgap disconnection from electronic networks
  • Dedicated per-user hardware for processing storage of
  • encrypted data
  • Regressive connectivity and signal processing
  • Biometric gateways
  • Device recognition
  • Personal generated codes
  • Scalable physically-segregated connectivity solutions
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Optional multi-signature security
  • Secured physical vaults
  • Multisite encrypted data backup
  • Secure dashboards and live reporting on access and usage
  • Fully-insured third-party guarantees for the extraction and delivery of data to owners on demand or in the case of business disruption

It's really hard to do better than this while making a product for average consumer. So I think we have a solid project based on the excellent use cases and what is proposed by the team.

The Partnerships

Discover More

Obviously the best way to get to know a project and the team is the Whitepaper. You can read it here. You will find more details about the team at the bottom. They have good credentials.

Website is
GitHub is very important place to keep an eye on:
Linkedin is good to know more about the team:
You can also join and engage with the community at Telegram Discord and Reddit.

Happy Investing!


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