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There is a circulating scam at the moment. Somebody is impersonating @gtg, using an account to send messages around to users to claim a certain number of SBD in return for voting @gtg as a witness.

@gtg came out this morning to state clearly that he is not the one. According to him, you should only vote a user for witness if he merits it and not for financial rewards.

I suspected this account even before @gtg came out on this matter. No genuine initiative will ever ask for your Steemit password apart from trusted sites like and Dmania .
Besides, the account the person uses is a minnor account, why would @gtg himself use such.

One of my friends has already been defrauded of over 150SBD before I realized it. Please be security conscious. Quickly leave any site that asks for your Steemit password and never believe any account which promises to pay you in exchange for voting for witness.
Never follow suspicious or untrusted links using your Steemit account.
Image is from here

Post by @gtg is here

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The scammer will soon be scammed... Guys, always get over protective when it comes to your password...