NEO Network Congestion

in security •  9 months ago

NEO is under attack so if you need to transfer any coins Use priority tx fees for urgent transactions.

You should not claim GAS until this is finished. It seems this type of attack can go as long as attackers want unless nodes are reset.

We can expect price swings on this coins as well as tokens made on NEO for which KuCoin is the main trading spot.

NEO Markets

GAS Markets

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Isn't neo a zero fee platform with high capacity? How is it being attacked?


Actually Neo has an allocation for free transactions on every block the other are fees based.

@kingscrown i am upvote provider read introduction post for more

Thanks for the info man. My coin keys are safely tucked away with no plans of seeing the light of day for a good while. But it is great to know that you are always on the lookout for these kind of things :-)


What attack is taking place and how are they doing it would be better things to answer


usual spam attack with small fees


Ah good to know thank you. Seems to be something like bitcoin cash did lol


Use Coinex and boom we get to spam Bitcoin cash for free lol

This will be a small bump for Neo, you got to think its whales with vested interests in other projects. That want it to fail.

How sad is it, that they see Neo as that much of a threat. Just shows you its worth hodling on!

You have to take into account and be careful in these transfers, greetings and my respects, my support with my vote.

Thanks for giving this information.It is very useful for traders

Can I join here? does this convince me, friend?

Thanks for the vital information, i never knew NEO was under an attack.