British Airways Data Breach - Man Flu

in security •  6 months ago


How are you doing today? I hope you're in good health.

I got an email from American Express letting know of a data breach that has affected me. No, the breach was not at American Express, but at British Airways. BA didn't contact me though.

If you've booked a BA flight in the past few months, you should look into it, at least go and change your password on their website or something - not that it makes any difference.

Also, I'm fighting off some germs with the mighty lemon 🍋

My voice sounds terrible, but the show must go on haha.

PS: Today I saw Steem hit the lowest price since I joined the platform. :)


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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Oh no :( I hope you will recover soon!


Thank you :)

Man flu is serious, you need to write a will. Delegate your steem to me before you die. :D


Haha, hope you feel better soon mate.

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Did you atleast add some sugar to that lemon water? bbrr. .
Hopefully you guys have nothing to worry about when it comes to the data breach, it's a cruel world out here, maaannn!


People still eat sugar in 2018? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Yeah, usually when these data breaches happen, tens of thousands of files are stolen, so unless you're a person of interest and you're being targeted specifically, then nothing usually happens.


Who doesn't? Life would be unbearable without it :O


@elsiekjay I've cut sugar out completely, quite a struggle though as I have a sweet tooth.

@adetorrent hope you kick that Man Flu asap, it's a time waster.
Thanks for posting this. Reblogged

Customer service bro.
Your call is important to us.
Please hold........
Have you ever noticed with any company that wait times for billing enquiries may be 20+min, but you can always get straight through to sales :)