Interview w/ Classified Scientist Emery Smith - Deep Underground Bases & Examining ET Bodies

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Thank you Jordan and Emery for this fantastic interview. Ever since he came forward publicly last august with David Wilcock, I've been following him, and praying through his numerous and close to practically fatal ordeals.
So it's really great to have him still do these talks and I really hoping for his colleagues to come forward too. This and the 100 monkey effect (aka morphogenic field) will kickstart the next paradigm shift to full acceleration. Peace y'all. Let there be Full Disclosure.

I can see in Mr. Smith the Love of the Creator. What a beautiful smile.

If he knows all this advanced technology, why not get it out to the right people to get it out into the public. Sound and light to cure cancer,what frequency and what wave length? Surely you can find one person with the means to build these machines in private and get them out to honest medical establishments to start healing people.