What a lovely work!

Thanks! The other 5 of Richter's opus 20 are great works as well. Number 4 however is by far my favorite.

You do us a very great service with your tireless editing. I was interested in a comment from your choice of winners that you don’t have access to a real organ. Is this difficult in your country?

Not so tireless as it may seem. This week I'll publish my 750th score, and it'll be almost 5 years since I published my first score. And I've decided to bring the rate of publications a bit down, because, well, I'm a bit tired.
Access to a real organ can be difficult. To be honest, I never tried in the village where I live; There are not really interesting instruments. I used to play on real organs, but I had constantly to make appointments and ask permission. Having a 'home trainer' is far more easy, I can just concentrate on playing, editing and correcting scores.

Congratulations on your achievement! 750 scores is no mean feat. I can understand how having an organ at home can be an advantage. I have access to 5 pipe organs of different styles, so I am fortunate!