Practicing "Bellows" from my Organ ABC

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Today, I went to our organ studio and some people came and were prepared to play pipe organ for me. But the problem was that the church was occupied and we had to go to another hall in the University.

The first to play was @drugelis and she played Trio No. 7 by Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens, and actually she played it rather slowly but it seems like she was only working on it for a short while.

I asked her if she is mastering these trios faster now since she is also transcribing fingering and pedaling of these pieces from my slow motion videos, and she said yes. She can play right hand, left hand, pedals, right hand and left hand, right hand and pedals, left hand and pedals and all parts together much easier because of her transcription work.

So I guess it really does work for some people to watch slow motion videos where my hands and feet are clearly visible and try to transcribe my fingerings and pedalings into the score of the piece that they are playing. It really helps.

So today I also recorded my second part of the cycle called "Organ ABC". This piece is called "Bellows". It starts from the letter B and I recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube and hopefully @drugelis will be able to transcribe it very soon and make the score available for other beginner students to play.

Let me know what you think about this video and if you would like to play this piece later on.

Vidas and Ausra 2 MP 2.jpg

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These videos can definitely help a lot to learn to play organ. Congratulations. :)

Thanks! That's the point...

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You provide 200.0 CC for your comments.

I started Trio on Monday. Yesterday I practiced only part of manual. Today I practiced a few minutes before rehearsal

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I hope you will have a breakthrough soon.

I hope so too

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Really soon!

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Puiku! Linkėjimai iš paskaitos

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Smagu buvo pagroti...

Tikiuosi, kad pedalai matosi...

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