Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - G.F. Händel | Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 22

This is my entry for week 22 of the Secrets of Organ Playing Contest. I’m playing Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by G.F. Händel. It may sound familiar to you because it has been popularised as a wedding processional or recessional.

This piece is from the English oratorio ‘Solomon’, HWV 67 (Act 3). The story of the Queen of Sheba comes from the Hebrew Bible and depicts the Queen bringing gifts for King Solomon and is then entertained with music. Händel originally scored this piece for two oboes and strings—so what you are hearing today is an arrangement for organ.

Arrangements of orchestral works have come in and out of fashion on the organ over the last century. This is most likely due to the organ’s versatility in tonal colours and egress, allowing it to sound much like any instrument of the orchestra with just one player!

I hope you enjoy my entry.


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You play a transcription of orchestral music, I plyeda trans eruption of change music. Organ is such a versait instrument, It's hard to imagine anyone needs a other instrument... 😀

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Funny how we both played transcriptions this week 😉

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I marvel at your ability of produce high quality work even though you feel overwhelmed. I played this piece with a chamber orchestra once. Reading continuo part without written out chords. It was fun. I hope you get to play at some wedding soon...

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😓 I’m playing at a wedding soon and the bride requested this piece for the recessional. I decided to use it for the contest. It’s fun to play (when played cleanly 🙃)

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So clever of you to repurpose this piece for the contest as well. I always do that too...

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