Calling All Earth People! Dropping Knowledge Bombs On The SECRET SOCIETY 11:11AM!

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In “Secret Society” I’ve tried to capture a moment in paint from our recent past when a group of powerful men, whom I believe controlled and manipulated information at the very top levels of government, economy, military & aerospace industrial complexes, began to lose their silent grip on humanity, whilst the twisted dealings of their secret brotherhood were gradually gaining acceptance as a popular bit of knowledge amongst the intellectual beatniks of the new cold war generation. This conscious resistance would spawn the peace movement and the more anarchic side of the hippy counterculture revolution. Conspiracy theories have always been a taboo and dangerous methodology for reasoned thinkers to orbit around, for the very reason George Orwell & Aldous Huxley's writings have left such a lasting impression on humanity. The desire to know and live free are as human as being born and breathing air. This desire for freedom is a direct reaction to the realization that the world we live in has parameters like a matrix, manufactured by the powers that be in order to retain control. The truth is stranger than fiction and most people are so unaware of the under currents that run the world; this may come as a shock or a non-truth, but it is this fact that persists in our current reality. "Secret Society" is my ode to the first conspiracy that captured my mind and woke me up to the world at large.


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The American Dream is Real Only for Those who are Sleeping! That is suuuuuch a good quote!

if thought corrupts language, language also corrupts thought; This is the kind of writings that George Orwell left us, that's why he was so respected in his time and now as well.