ETF not news anymore?

in sec •  6 months ago

So the SEC rejected 9 ETF today and the market have barely reacted.


Could it be that this is just not news anymore?

Not sure if this is showing that SEC is not news anymore or that this is showing good strength for Btc.

One thing I noticed is a pump right before the news, which turned into a red wig, with decent volume. In this case above critical resistance.

This is something we have seen before in 2017 ahead of critical ETF SEC decisions.

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The markets tank after the news from the SEC on ETFs. The entire market is at pre-bull run prices and continues to drop further. Its a great time to remind ourselfs why we invest and possibly take advantage of these prices.

Hey @knircky, more manipulations than we already have, if an ETF gets approved, it sure does not sound good, and Andreas Knows his stuff. More Security news from E/Toro and Coinbase, awesome. Major Pump if an ETF or even an ETN gets approved, thanks for the Great Info my friend, enjoy what's left of the weekend, Peace

The market seems to be catching on that the real ETF to watch is the one from the CBOE. The volume spikes over the past week or so are keeping the price neutral.

At this point is fatigue combined with what I hope is a strong support level. Going to probably wait until the weekend to buy, this isn't the bottom

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Andreas is saying that ETF's mean that a single decision maker will decide for a large number of assets whether or not to accept forks, thereby potentially changing the ecosystem dramatically

Shorts have to cover soon if they dont want to lose money. When they do, we will see a move of almost 20%. I think that's the reason market didn't move, because shorts can't short anymore.

I feel the market matures really quickly to news.

A couple of months ago forks airdrops and rebranding were like magic words which made a coin go up. Now this seem not to happen anymore.

Crypto holders will try to pump with any type of news they think they can pump with.

  • You still hitting the poker tables ? I haven't notice any poker topics lately. I am on the market for a new computer and then I plan on hitting the tables.

Yes i am. In LA today and will play at commerce in a bit :-)


Nice, good luck. I just finished up a small online Badugi tournament. Out 15th / 91.