Those damn weed packages ...

in seattle •  9 months ago

I've been back, in Seattle, for about a month now - and, TBH, I'm still on the fence as far as my own, special, personal future goes. I still have that voice inside me, haunting me, taunting me, telling me that "life is pointless", that things have only gotten worse, since 9/11, and, after all, I'm almost 50 ... what, precisely, do I think is waiting for me? In my future? That voice is there, it's constant, and it might go away - assuming there's enough time left, in this wretched paradigm, to allow me some space of normality ... whatever "normal" is now.

I know - this is negative, nasty, miserable thinking. It's FRIDAY for God's sake! We should be happy! Partying! And, so I am as well ... because of a magical plant, created by God.

I went to Uncle Ike's today - took the METRO, because my car has been repossessed ... this happens, when you don't make any car payments.

Any who, I don't have a lot of money, and, arguably, I should spend what little money I have left on groceries and essentials. However, having a reason to live is kind of essential, and weed helps with this. Sure, eventually I either start making money again OR I become homeless - BUT NOT TODAY! TODAY I HAVE WEED PRODUCTS!

There's something I don't get, however ...


I'm serious ...

I got some cookies, that the "bud tender" talked me into buying - and they were in a box, and each cookie wrapped individually ... crazy ass shit.

I bought some candies, a few weeks ago, that were in a bag, and then each candy had its own thick plastic wrapping - and this was just dumb.

I know it's a "drug" - like cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, sugar, caffeine - but, come on ... this packaging rivals the stuff they use for computer RAM or video games at Fry's Electronics. Yes, I know, you don't want your dog or cat eating the weed - just as, for example, if I broke a glass I wouldn't want a dog or cat to eat the glass ... or chocolate for most dogs ... heck, I don't want dogs and cats running in the street or even being walked by their owners ... cuz DANGEROUS and FEELZ.

Now that we have that out of our system, we can acknowledge that 10 mg of "weed" in a cookie PROBABLY doesn't require high-strength plastic wrap storage and shit ... don't ya think?

Any who - it just irk'd me.


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Lol nice ost and I totally agree!


It's like ... why? Kids will get into anything, adults have to be careful about their weed products - no amount of plastic will help ... it just seems like a joke. But I guess it helps with animals, like dogs and cats, from getting accidentally high ... so there's that ...