Reverso Christmas - January 2nd, every year ...

in seattle •  9 months ago

Everyone knows the story of normal Christmas: "Hitler, rose from the dead, killed Walt Disney, and destroyed the USSR." This is well known.

But do you know the story of reverso-Christmas? - the celebration of human failure and regret?

It happens on the day that Slomis Doobins died, in ancient times - January 2nd, 234 AD ...

Slomis had a miserable life, with a miserable wife, and nothing but pain and regret.

He died, in a Roman labor camp, in the early 200's ...

So we celebrate his life, and his meaning, by doing the following on January 2nd each year:

a) recall and obsess over our failures of the previous year.

b) remind ourselves that we will screw everything up in the year to come.

c) get drunk, alone.

d) make out lists of people you will one day destroy, in the hot blood of vengeance ...

So I am celebrating reverso-Christmas, today ...

Accepting that your "New Year's Resolutions" will be the regret of next year ...

Remember our guiding quote:

"Today's work form the seeds of tomorrow's disappointment ..."

(why do today what you can put off till the day after tomorrow?)

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