Let's go out to the sea

in #sea4 years ago

IMG_7743.JPG Let's go out to the sea when irritated

If you get frustrated, you will be in the sea
let's go

The sea is the mother of life

When my heart does not settle
Let's go out to the sea by all means

Also beyond the horizon

I can not fit in your horizons

The landscape and the world are spreading.

Just watching the ocean

Widen your horizons widely

It makes me heart great

"I am frustrated
It is trivial by a tiny move. "

I feel it.

All our lives are
It was born from the sea

The sea is, so to speak,
It is the mother of life

All in Mother Ocean
I will leave it to you.

Just just look at it

It became a state like meditation

Your heart and body

Regaining peace

It is supposed to be filled with vitality


                              Summer sea


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