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Buy order


Buy order of FET

Hey hello all welcome to my blog. Today I just brought the FET coin which is currently at low price. I just brought those coins for 43.29$
Seems like good deal to buy today.
Buy order
Number of coins = 234
price / coin = 0.184
234×0.184= 43.29

#Sell order
I just placed an order of good profit which is approximately 5-6 percentage. Let's we do some calculations.
price / coins = 0.197
234 × 0.197 = $46.09

Net profit

46.09-43.29= 2.8
Which is profit of 6.48%. I hope the order will execute in 1 week. Hope in positiveness.


Myself Ranjith Kumar contact me at popular social media in name of Ranjith pvrp. Going to grasp my engineering degree in a year. If you like my work and writing hit follow for the frequent updates.

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