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Hello dear friends,

I hope all of you are fine and doing great here. As Bitcoin strats moving upside all of us are very happy. In 2018 we saw very hard dips in Bitcoin price when price touch nearly $3100. That was really very scary moments. But now the price start climbing up from last couple of weeks and if you bought that dips then now you are double in your investment.

Today In this blog I want to share with you what could be happen with Bitcoin price in long term trend.



As you can see the picture above, it is Bitcoin price chart from the beginning and fifty weeks moving average line. when price crosse upside to the moving average you have to buy the circle and hold until the price decisively cross back down because when price crosse upside the fifty weeks moving average that is called invester class buy signal and sell signal. It is really a good signal to buy Bitcoin before it's Bull run.

If you are in Bitcoin since it's beginning and had done this in 2012 and 2014 you may got massive return on your investment which is approx 10,109% . Again if you had used this indicator back in 2015 and held it until it goes down to the fifty weeks moving average you may got 2735% return on your investment . History speak itself about this invester class buy signal.

Now it's hepning again with Bitcoin, price again cross upside the fifty weeks moving average and gives us a major invester class buy signal that means it's a time to buy and hold for long term. Every correction never mind how scary is it 30%, 40 % even 50% if price stays upside the moving average you buy those dips.

Bitcoin is currently trading around $7950 if we come down to 6k or even 5k and price remain above the moving average then you have to buy those dips and hold for massive return.

What you think about it please share your perspective in comment section below.

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Blog references and haejin youtube channel used as source visit them for more Bitcoin update.

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big move coming next few days

Yup I think correction is due we could test 6k may b not but now it's time to buy the dip

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