3 years spent with bitcoin and I'm done with it

in sct-eng •  24 days ago 

bicoin is not a global currency and now also no digital gold. What is it then?
The Gold price goes up because the crisis nourishes and bitcoin goes down. The volume of trade is terribly low, almost dead. Everyone jumps into the Gold rush. It would have been digital Gold if at least something had gone up like gold. This chance has just been completely destroyed. Endgame at Bitcoin._dd.PNG

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Your first mistake was using FIAT to acquire your crypto..

It baffles me how ingrained FIAT money is in the crypto world.

Life with crypto would be a breeze, a laugh, and soo eazyy.. Would open up amazing possibilities you wouldn't be able to do/afford to do with FIAT $..

It's not just you, many are glued to market graphs because they gambled their fiat cash...

Try BitcoinCashApp

Really though.. it's a very different mindset when no matter what the coins are trading at every single satoshi in your wallet is profit. Even if every single crypto sank down to 0, you'd still be smiling marvelling at the novelty collection of digital coins that you've amassed ;]

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