Auditing My Witness: Let's do our duty [v12], Removing @utopian-io adding @steempress

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Back at home after spending 3 days at the country. Now I am checking my witness votes. In order to do that I am using and I realized that @utopian-io has the signing key inactive since more than 8 days already. I went straight to their steem blog account and I saw this:

"Notice of witness suspension and additional changes"

It's a pity because they are doing a great contribution for developers on the steem blockchain so, for me, it was a obligatory witness vote.

However, this is the good moment to add another exceptional contributor to the steem blockchain, so this time my permanent vote, if they keep doing greatly and signing steem blocks as usual, is for @steempress .

Honestly, I was waiting for getting a free slot for giving a vote to them. I think their work developing the wordpress plugin for the steem blockchain is extraordinary since it allows you to have better posting tools. Have a look here if you are interested about.

Below my current witness list:


What about you? Which witnesses do you recommend to vote and why?

*Reminder: if you feel like not having time to do a proper analysis and still think that mine is fair , you can also choose me as your proxy that will vote for witnesses for you.

Just, keep using your witness votes doing an important work.


Steem on!

Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

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