The Screen is the altar of Moloch

in #screen3 years ago

These institutions are claiming to be our true mother and father, our true brothers and sisters. They claim that they love us more and understand our needs better than any member of our actual family. We should turn from those who gave birth to us and brought us up, turn against them and give our whole loyalty to the state and acknowledge that it is the state which gives us our true identity. The state is voice of the crowd and only through the state can the whole crowd tell us who we are. This stripping of our particular individuality and its replacement by this universal identity is our salvation. We worship the crowd and the state which is its kindly face.
Every time they set their children down before the television screen they are paying homage to the power of the secular god that is the state. As long as those little faces gaze up into that screen, as long as that light shines down on them, those children are being made dependent on it and will never learn how to discover the world for themselves or how to act for themselves. They will never be able to act without permission and they will always come back to the screen to seek that permission from it. They present their children before this altar. They are making their sacrifice to it, and their own children are the sacrifice they bring. They are surrendering their ability to act with independence. They lay down their identity here in order to be absorbed into the crowd. They don’t want to stand out. They want to be acceptable. They don't want the questioning looks or hostile stares. They want to belong and to feel the warmth of the crowd. That is why they place their at the foot of this altar. The fire that leaps out from the screen scours the individuality away from those children whilst they are too young to resist. To please Moloch their own parents are throwing them into the furnace.