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I was once bit/stung by an emperor scorpion during a trek. It was a big gift from God that I survived. It took over 3 months for the venom to get out of my body. It's been several years since it happened. I can also say that the effect is still there in the body and is going to be there forever. People say it is good because it increases my immunity. But I'm not so sure about it.

I never knew that people farm scorpions for money. This is definitely a news to me. Interesting to read this.


Ohhh it is. Thankfully you recovered now. I am not sure if it will stay forever but, if so, then there will be no harm.

BTW, black scorpion dunk is mild one just like a wasp. I dunno which Scorpion bites you.

Mostly labs wabted to buy from people this is why some people loved to farm safely and securely.

The one that bit me was blue in color. I was able to feel the pain and numbness all over my body. After 1 hour I started collapsing.