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RE: Homeopathy: Just water?

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Therefore, this solution has identical properties to a regular glass of water.

Maybe there is no regular water or pure water.
Water seems to hold some level of information. May I dare mention consciousness.
Great post!

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here is some more information about water for your perusal. thank you for the post.

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Thanks. Yeah, that's another thing the skeptics bring up. They say, if water has a memory, then the water that you get from the tap must have the memory of the pipes, the reservoir or whatever, so you're actually drinking the memory of a moose's urine. Some think it's absurd, but I'm not sure if it makes a difference.

On a basic level water has memory of shape. This can be seen be filling a glass or freezing ice cubes.
There seems to be so much more that in fact water may even be conscious of our thoughts and vibrate higher when we smile as opposed to frowning even...

I've read about Masaru Emoto's experiments, but I still have my doubts. The problem is, the people criticising it always seem to be "debunkers" with an axe to grind, and the people who support it strongly sometimes seem a little too credulous.

I might have to try the boiled rice experiment myself to see what happens.

I believe it. But it can be challenging to truly believe what is tricky to understand.

Then there's always the two (different) sides of understanding matters. Wish you well in understanding what you do and choose to and find.

Water and crystals (like quartz)..

Quartz is another life form. We are carbon cased where as quartz is silicone based.

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