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Gibberellin was discovered by a Japanese scientist , E.Kurosawa in 1926. It was extracted from the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi ( now known as Fusarium moniliforme). This fungus caused a disease in the rice seedlings called the " foolish seedling of rice " or bakane disease of rice in Japan . The infected seedlings were usually taller, seedless and pale in color . The active substance isolated from the extract of this fungus having the capacity of stimulating the abnormal growth was named as gibberellin . Till now lot of research has been done and more than a 100 different kinds of gibberellins have been identified.

Gibberellins are abundant in root and shoot apex ,buds m young leaves and young embryos. They are present in greatest concentration in immature seeds ( embryo ) . They are supposed to move readily in all directions through both xylem and phloem .

Roles and applications of Gibberellins are :

  1. Stem elongation and genetic dwarfism
  2. Parthenocarpy
  3. Bolting
  4. Seed germination
  5. Sex expression
  6. Flowering
  7. Breaking dormancy
  8. Enzyme formation

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