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What if humans are not from this planet?

(Free thinking cuz its hard but FUN!)

What if life across all galaxies develops along a similar path, meaning that the ultimate culmination of life is intelligent human being “types”. While we a genetically similar to apes on earth, there are enough differences that we might not be in direct relation to them, on earth. I am going a little far out here hence why thinking is hard!
From this article and many more sources
  1. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes while chimpanzees have 24. Evolutionary scientists believe that one of the human chromosomes has been formed through the fusion of two small chromosomes in the chimp instead of an intrinsic difference resulting from a separate creation.
  2. At the end of each chromosome is a string of repeating DNA sequences called a telomere. Chimpanzees and other apes have about 23 kilobases (a kilobase is 1,000 base pairs of DNA) of repeats. Humans are unique among primates with much shorter telomeres only 10 kilobases long.7
  3. While 18 pairs of chromosomes are ‘virtually identical’, chromosomes 4, 9 and 12 show evidence of being ‘remodeled.’5 In other words, the genes and markers on these chromosomes are not in the same order in the human and chimpanzee. Instead of ‘being remodeled’ as the evolutionists suggest, these could, logically, also be intrinsic differences because of a separate creation.
  4. The Y chromosome in particular is of a different size and has many markers that do not line up between the human and chimpanzee.1
  5. Scientists have prepared a human-chimpanzee comparative clone map of chromosome 21 in particular. They observed ‘large, non-random regions of difference between the two genomes.’ They found a number of regions that ‘might correspond to insertions that are specific to the human lineage.

I would like to cast a wide net here and pull in a couple theories

First off, if an intelligent species were to traverse space, assuming that traveling faster than light is not possible. It would probably take multiple generations of humans (thousands of years) to travel from a currently developed planet to arrive at our planet. It would then take even more years to travel and report back.

Second off, if we are on the wrong side of the great filter then it would be fitting that our home planets society was desperate to find a way to survive a dying planet and or a dying civilization.
Third off, because of one and two, the humans coming would likely be on a one way trip to colonize a new planet and continue the species rather than die on the home planet. I would assert that the dying civilization would send out as many colonization ships to as many promising planets as they possibly could. The ships would be of the best in tech an advanced race could provide, holo-decks, auto food generators and the likes but they are regulated to the speed of light as a maximum speed. Surviving the trip is not an issue, the time to arrival and the shape that the society is in from the long generational travel is of greater concern.

Would you send the best of your civilization and completely abandon a chance to save your home world? Would you send the worst of your civilization but equip them with the ability to learn on their long, long journey?

What would the toll of thousands of years traveling take on knowledge in relation to the home world? Would you try to put the population to “sleep” (like the movie Passengers) to preserve them as long as possible? Could it be that the extinction level event that ended the reign of the dinosaurs was actually a vessel from another planet carrying the last of a dying planet, farfetched I know, wouldn’t there be proof in tech at the crash site? That was many millions of years ago thou…..


Would you just send the seed of human life, with a system that was technical enough to cultivate life when a planet with appropriate climate was encountered? Maybe we arrived at that same time of, or were the cause of the end of the time of dinosaurs. Maybe the tech that brought us here cultivated and gestated the “human seed” until the conditions were right to bring the species forth? It would explain the hundreds of thousands of years the human species spent bumbling around the planet. With no direct knowledge or direct learning tools of the home planet the species would effectively be sent back in time and have to relearn everything only retaining the core genes of being human.

TL:DR – what if humans are alien to earth and we were gestated from pods (or some other technology) that were sent from a dying civilization billions of light years away that was unable to clear the “great filter”. We are the remanence of an ancient species.



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