What if the Internet is no more in the next 50 years?

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This got to me some days back, and I felt so strange because of what I was able to think of. A friend of mine @ezunjoshy confronted me some days back, and he said to me - You're talking the Internet too serious like you don't have a physical life. I couldn't say much to him because I know I'm guilty of that. Even some of my good friends have begin to complain about me trying to neglect them while telling them I'm always busy over the phone. I just have to keep begging them but you know what? @ezunjoshy said something that really got me thinking for days now.

images (24).jpeg

The Dark World.

What if the Internet is no more in the next 50 years?

Above was the question @ezunjoshy asked me, and to be sincere, all I could do was to argue that such can never happen but I can't even back it up or prove it. Is it really true that the Internet can't go on extinction?

I am not a tech guy but it seems I really do have faith in the Internet but I don't really know the source and how powerful it is. Even the search engines couldn't give answers like I need them but as a read could you help me with something you know?

I am just to perplexed about this now but I think I need to hear from someone, could it be you? Could you share something with me? Please just help me with some facts please.

I know it's beyond what I see on my phone and laptop screens but this should be a question I can easily get answers for here. Please it's not about what you think. Kindly let me what you know. Let's learn together! Thank you all.

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read about oneweb


they are trying to launch the internet into space

Its intended goal is to provide internet services to "hundreds of millions of potential users residing in places without [existing] broadband access"


I don't understand this.


your title: What if the Internet is no more in the next 50 years?

well the internet is expanding and even growing into space to give more faster speeds and coverage to more people everywhere on earth

i think it proves the internet in some form will still be here in 50 years


Okay. Thanks... No facts though.