What Will Happen If There Is No Sun?

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Imagine the world without Sun. It is dark, right? But we can use flashlights to see! Electricity will provide us light! But some places on Earth depend on solar energy, so these places are unable to use appliances powered by electricity. Also, it will be so cold. Some water bodies will freeze and other aquatic animals will die. The formation of storms on the oceans will be rare too or will not happen again due to the absence of heat.

The plants cannot perform photosynthesis and they will die. Without plants, we cannot eat fruits and vegetables. They also provide us woods for different uses like making fire and building shelter but how if they vanish because there's no Sun.

If plants will vanish, oxygen (02) will decrease until its gone in the atmosphere. Animals will die due to loss of oxygen.

Humans will use oxygen tanks but their energy will not augment anymore. In every time we wake up, we do not have enough energy. The reason is: the plants convert the Sun's energy into chemical energy that is transferred to us by eating them. But what will we eat if they are gone?

Meat, yes we can eat meat! But our source is limited because the animals that we make meat will die. These animals are herbivores which mean they feed on plants. But the plants are gone, so they will starve to death for sure.

The moon will not glow again but the stars will remain in the night sky.

So in the end, Earth will be a lifeless, cold, and dark without Sun.

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