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A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. - Coco Chanel

Are you able to predict my future, Coco? :-)

Probably the reason for my literally radical cut was much simpler.

When I looked at the pictures taken during Steemfest², that wild lion's mane on my head seemed quite dominant to me - haha! So now after traveling back home I decided to get rid of the ballast and regain some free moving space up there.

Even from a scientifical point of view, getting rid of ballast and creating room for the new is never a bad idea!

@surfermarly before and after her today's meeting at the hair dresser (Yes, I still wear my Steemfest wristband :-))

Provide some space for new ideas!

Even though I don't go visiting my hair dresser very often, I generally like changes.

Whether I paint the walls of my house in a different colour or buy a new surf suit, makeovers make me feel comfortable. I really enjoy reinventing myself and my environment.

When friends ask me when I will finally stop being like that and start being old and lazy, I usually tell them: 'In my next life... maybe.' :-)

It may sound paradoxical, but change is the no. 1 constant in my life.

Thanks to the new cut my head is even rounder now. A great plus! :-D

Change keeps your brain vital.

The fewer perspectives you run through in your life, the likelier it is that your brain power is not fully used.

That is scientifically proven.

Challenging our minds regularly is one of the big secrets to keep our brains vital, sharp, and agile. - Source

Did you know that brain vitality is independent from our age?

Our brain will continue to create new brain cells and new connections over the years, but our brain vitality is completely up to us. Maintaining that vitality is truly a “use it or lose it” situation. - Source

Besides a healthy nutrition and exercise, challenging your brain by learning and doing something new every week helps to create new neural pathways, ensuring to make your brain more versatile and able to multi-task.

Even getting up on a different side of the bed in the morning is able to wake up your brain activity. Interrupting habits is one of the best vitality drivers.

Yes, it requires some efforts - humans love routine! - but the output is definitely worth it.

It's #LoveFriday night, time to go out, live something new and (of course) present my new hair style in public :-)

Ah and btw you can't even tell me that you don't like the new cut, because it's too late...! Haha

Whether you gonna change something in your life or not during this upcoming weekend, I wish you a great one anyways, steemians!

Kiss, Marly -

PS: #LoveFriday is my favourite series on steemit, hosted by the amazing @liliana.duarte (it was a huge pleasure to meet you in person at Steemfest²!!) - spread the love!

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Fresher & lighter! I think short(er) hair can mean a new level of confidence and no-nonsense. I made the big chop myself after realizing hmmm there are more important things I want to focus on, other than styling my hair for 45 min (sic!).


Thank you! :-) That totally mirrors my feelings now: fresher & lighter.

I think short(er) hair can mean a new level of confidence and no-nonsense.

Yeah! I can't explain why, but I definitely feel very confident right now. Maybe it's because a lot of things have worked out lately and I really feel that I'm at the right place at the right time doing exactly what I love.

Thanks for bringing that up :-)
Enjoy your Friday!

Looking goood!

I can't wait for my hair to look normal again so I can walk around without a pony tail again... Me and hairdressers... not a good relationship recently. One of the downsides of moving countries: you lose your hairdresser! :D


Dankeee :-)
Oh I can totally relate!! It's pretty annoying needing to change a hair dresser. I was lucky to find the one on my island who cut my hair today. She's super professional and I always have a good time there. Also they have massage chairs, so while they wash your hair you get a massage - wohooooo! Don't ask for more, haha :-)

Enjoy your Friday!!!

I prefer you any way you are. Love the new do!!!


Aaaaaw, lucky me! So you still want to marry me though? :-)

You surprise me everyday :-) - Thanks for a fun post! Although some of us are sad to read you have a favourite series already - I also love #LoveFriday by the way. Have a nice weekend - I will try to remain positive with #DanceWeekend and avoid commenting too much that brings me flags lol

Enjoy your Weekend


Although some of us are sad to read you have a favourite series already - I also love #LoveFriday by the way.

It's been my favourite one ever since, sorry :-)) But that doesn't mean that I don't support other series as you know... I just believe that you can't ever have enough love in your life ;-)

Happy weekend!


good comment these days :-)

humans love routine!

Oh yes they do, some more than others!
Earlier I was looking to my front neighbor and a similar thought came to my mind. Every day he goes out for a bicycle​ walk and after he returns home he cleans the frontal door and window...every day! It's his routine and somehow I admire it ​but could not do it myself.

I loved to meet you to, and once again, loved your presentation!


Earlier I was looking to my front neighbor and a similar thought came to my mind. Every day he goes out for a bicycle​ walk and after he returns home he cleans the frontal door and window...every day!

That's weird. Haha! I mean bicycle walks are awesome but cleaning a door EVERY DAY...?? :-D

Thanks for your compliment :-) It was a huge pleasure meeting you, too!

See you around :-)


Hope we can meet again :)

The real reason you cut your hair was so that it dries faster after you get out of the water. From board to beach to bar in a matter of minutes.


Yip!! To be honest, I'm not one of these girls that spend hours in the bathroom so one of my main reasons is the one you've just touched here: short cuts are extremely practical! :-)

looks great, bet it's convenient for your Surfing Lifestyle :) ... hang loose


YES! That is actually the no. 1 reason why I favor the short over the long version :-)
Happy Friday, Steve!


Here's a sample Gif animation. I can help you with animations for your Charity Project if you need (or any other cool photos just for fun) can output in video.mp4 as well. Let me know if there's a better way to send and i can get you a larger file size / better quality. @surfermarly

DQmWdvmMawyZvTh5FAKeKUxaSMufBFwjM2HPkX5VUgeFFFD_1680x8400 (901px, 25fps).gif


Sweet! :-) That's a really nice effect.
Usually I do the GIF animations by converting MP4 into GIF, using the footage from my GoPro. But yours is also a nice idea!


one more...

DQmScRfaRJrZXi2a3TYmMd1BCauV1MEFVcnwFRdZ5wdskbb (901px, 25fps).gif


That's perfect for Christmas, hehe :-)


I can do MP4 format as well @surfermarly

Great haircut! You look so fresh and sexy now 💃💃💃. After visiting my hairdresser i always feel like a star lol, she is pretty good in her work! I can see that yours is awesome as well 💪💪💪😎😎😎


Thank you!!! Well that is a fishing for compliments post, but I really appreciate that you used the word 'sexy' - haha! You are pretty right: if they do well you always feel as if there was a red carpet on the floor when you walk out of their studios :-D

New looks. I think girls only cut hair whenever they get broken hearted.


Oh no! Well at least that didn't happen to me here. My heart is still entire :-)

Use it or loose it! In this case same went for your hair! I just did a major chop myself before coming to the UK it felt so liberating! Enjoy your new do!

Truth in these words!

I have very long hair and it takes me only 5 minutes, not 45 ;-). , just drying after shower thats it.

Change must be embraced, ur hair looks nice darling
PS : I'm new in here and somehow I resteemed ur post, no offence but is there any way to delete it from my blog ?


Thank you!
Unfortunately, I think there is no way to hide it in your steemit blog. Sorry :-)

It's like the feeling of changing furniture place in your house. Nice hairstyle.

In two Weeks i gonna cut my Hair and get a new colour.
I am so excited! I will feel brand new. It means to me that i want to change something or want to be more self-assured.

Aww. I loved hair on you :(


Aaaaw, now it's too late. But the good news is: it will grow again :-)

I've gone from boob length to buzz cut last year around Christmas time.
It is the best decision ever !

You asked me to post the link to you when I wrote a blog about asking oneself what the whales went through to get where they are....here it is...


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Nice blog, u looking cool in this haircut

please upvote me