BOSS, One of the Biggest Objects in the Universe

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The BOSS great wall is one of the most massive things we have ever observed


The BOSS great wall is an entire 4.5-6.5 billion light years away. That means it would take light 4.5 billion years just to reach the closest part of it, not accounting for the expansion of the universe. The BOSS great wall is over 10,000 times the mass of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way is incomprehensibly huge compared to us, now multiply that by 10,000. [1]

It contains over 830 visible galaxies and many “dark galaxies” that are hard to observe. The BOSS great wall has a density 5 times that the average of the universe, but it may not be one solid object. As the universe expands it may come apart into smaller pieces. [2]

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4.5billion years to get there? that's a long long long time and it will take so many generations to get there. Nice one. Resteemed

" and it will take so many generations to get there"

by the time we get there we won't be able to even call ourselves human

These kind of space numbers go over my head @space-pictures

I just can't get my head around how you can create a picture of something so far away?

a really big camera

This kind of gives you a new prospective of what is real. I wonder if there are beings there? What are their main concerns and daily routine? Do they worry about any forks?

Awosome post 🚩..thanks for share..upvoted ⏫

Cool to read about the "universe" even though I don't believe in "space"

that moment when the government has had to rewrite history up until the point that it put massive wave machines 100 feet out from the coast so that it can say the tide has always existed

That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing

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