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RE: Flu Vaccines Elevate Air-Borne Flu Particles by 630% - USA National Academy of Sciences Publication

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This vaccine discussion is driving me nuts. In general, I can handle a difference in opinion but there is a point when someone has to say stop. Especially if it comes to the health and safety of our children.

My take on vaccinations:

  • This [] shows a decline in reported cases after the vaccine has been introduced. There is a very high probability that the vaccine is causing the decline in cases. If you decide to argue that the decline can also be because of cosmic radiation coming from a steeper angle out of the Andromeda constellation. I would say; unlikely but if there is data- he drop me a link.
  • 'Its is filling the suitcases of big pharma' but to be honest; cosmetics and/or oncology products are more of a money maker than vaccines. This coming from a guy who works in the industry. Take the Polio vaccine, one vaccine costs about 0.25 dollar- even if you would vaccinate a country of 50 mln people this would provide you with a very meager turnover of 12.5 million USD. You would make more money if you make people believe that Paracetamol works; giving every person an ampoule of Paracetamol (0.48 USD) and your shareholder would be much happier. [source of prices:].

If anti-vaxxers would use the same tone as academics/scientist and be less militant, coming up with creditable sources and a methodology which shows actual causation and which is verifiable by other sources. I'm more than willing to listen and even reconsider my point of view.


I worked at Lonza Biologics as head of security. I went through FDA inspections, talked to Scientists that worked there, talked to drug reps daily while they waited to talk to the scientists. All I can post is my opinion from what I saw daily and from what our officers did during their shifts. I would not get the Flu shot or the HPV vaccine ever. Multi-shot vaccines are also dangerous.

There is anti-vax and smart-vax. I'm not against proven vaccines given at safe intervals. I can say with certainty, the flu vaccine has not been tested enough independently, it does not work to make people healthier in the future, it does not stop the flu, it contains chemicals that most of you will never be told about.

If you want specific answers, I can't post them on a public board.

Maybe you are right about the flue vaccine. There is a lot of fuss around them, everywhere. I think time will tell who is/was on the right side.

The pediatrician makes a lot more then $0.25/vaccine. Vaccines and the related visits that go hand in hand with the vaccine schedule makes up the majority of pediatrician's income. So there may not be too much money made on the manufacturer's side but distribution there is plenty.

Also with vaccines being immune from lawsuits that decreases the risk that the manufacturers have for any losses. So that smaller profit is almost a guaranteed profit.

Being immune from lawsuits might have something to do with local liability laws. Imagine, every child gets vaccinated and the local population has a love for litigation, as a manufacturer I would not like to spend my profits on lawyers; court cases etc. I would choose to leave the business of developing/manufacturing vaccines and go into the foot cream business (lower risk, higher reward). In the end when almost every private company but one has left price of a vaccine might be equal to a new Lexus. The other option would be for the government to start manufacturing vaccines but I believe this is the ultimate nightmare for a certain group of people...

The lack of ability to sue makes vaccines inherently more dangerous. There is no incentive to make a safe product.

Compound that with the fact that most vaccines are directed at infants which means it is that much harder to detect a vaccine injury since they can't tell you how they feel and you get a increasingly hazardous environment to grow up in.

The thing that governments falsely believe is that the cost of the vaccine out weighs the cost of treating the acute illness. But if you take into account the extra burden of chronic illness that vaccines set your immune system up for that excuses doess't hold up.

Governments absolutely should be the ones producing vaccines. they are already the ones footing the bill for current vaccine injuries why let private companies profit off of it. The only reason that governments are still pushing vaccines is that they feel that they are in too deep to reverse that decision from a litigation point of view and they are way too short sighted in their thinking to see the cost savings to the healthcare system over the longterm if we no longer pushed vaccines on everyone and rather respected the wishes of parents to make decisions for the health of their families themselves.

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