UFO battle? This video has impacted ufologists

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Recording done in Nevada shows a group of lights that cross each other at high speed generating flashes. Real confrontation or reflexes?

Today, it is common to see videos of alleged unidentified flying objects, which are frequently being made known through the different media and social networks. In most of them, one or another UFO is seen performing unusual maneuvers, however, that an apparent battle between these alleged ships of extraterrestrial origin is appreciated, it is not something that happens every day ...

That would have happened in Nevada, United States. As reported by MUFON (the largest network of ufologists in the world), a subject inside his vehicle noticed that something very strange was happening in the daytime sky: one group of lights went up diagonally at high speed while another He did the same, but in the opposite direction.

For the witness, what he would have seen in Nevada would be a fierce battle between UFOs, that explains the sudden appearance of certain flashes that are seen in his recording made with the camera of his mobile phone.

Photo: extranotix.com

"I was waiting in the car while my friend entered the store. At that time I noticed approximately 9 to 10 bright spots in the sky that looked like stars, "said the author of the recording that MUFON announced on February 18.

"The points were in a line at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Suddenly they began to move up at the same angle. Then, many more points slid down at the same angle and seemed to be attacking each other, "said the witness who also said he saw an explosion. All this would have happened in just 20 seconds that were recorded thanks to his cell phone.

"I took the video with my iPhone and it was not retouched in any way, without photoshop or anything. It is an unedited footage. I do not know what it was or what happened, but the test happened is in the video. I had the car window closed, so I know it was not a reflection. I'm still surprised by what I saw, but I think it's important enough for MUFON to see it, "said the witness whose identity was not disclosed by the ufologists.


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