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Playing The Clarinet For Stephen Hawking

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Why do you bother with huffpo?

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Because I can get articles posted and read there quickly and conveniently, then share them. Especially if I want something to be published quickly like my tribute to Prof Hawking. I sent it to them, they read it, put it on and promoted it within a few hours even though I'm not a regular contributor. If there's another site like that then please do let me know, I'm from the UK though.

I think the community-orientated anarcho-capitalist principles of Steemit has a lot of potential, but it is not intrinsically meritocratic right at the beginning - one needs time and patience to get any attention or build up a following. There's little more humiliating (if you enjoy writing) than putting your heart and soul into an article, trying to promote it using the usual routes and then getting 1 view....

Then someone who is an early adopter can write simply "I like broth" (I'm paraphrasing) and get tens of thousands of views and upvotes. I'm pretty sure someone who's won a Pulitzer can anonymously come here and write dozens of insightful multi-layered articles and get ignored completely if they don't know the intricacies of how the place functions.