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RE: Mice, fluorescent cells and my molecular quest to fight cancer: A day in the life of a rocker scientist

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It does in the general sense of the topic we explore (stress responses in tumor cells), and there are people in the team directly working on epigenetics in our model of cancer. It is important for the maintenance of the anti-tumor mechanism we study, since some genes required to be silenced for it to be successful.

My personal project has more to do with mechanisms of molecular disposal in the cell (aka the cell's garbage cans), I am sorry to be vague about it, but the field is rather small so I would be easily identified and I am not ready for outing my "real life" identity yet (paranoid? perhaps).


No worries, I am in no need of details. =) However, if the photos you are posting are really of you, then, Steemit people in Berlin could possibly identify you on the street. BTW, Berlin rocks! =)
I was just curious as it appears the study of epigenetics appeared to have made waves in the genetic science. It is then interesting when then when considering, the scientific articles I have thus far read, the science of genetics holds that genes are for more responsive, or adaptive to environmental factors, rather than a deterministic jail cell that we are born into.
I have also read much lately that cannabis can play a role in the treatment of cancer. What is your take on that?

Definitely, let's say that your genetic material is like a recipe book, but how such recipes are interpreted, combined and modified to create a final product depends on the training of the chef, the occasion, and circumstances at a given time, the resources available, etc. The indications on the genotype are not set on stone, they are flexible to a degree.

Honestly, I don't know a lot about cannabis used for cancer treatment. I am afraid that my time and attention is mostly focused on the compounds and treatments that pertain my project (which is not necessarily a good thing!), as well as other widely used therapies.

About the anonymity (or lack of thereof): as it can be deduced from the amount of photos of myself and other random identifying details I have posted, I am not exactly trying to be incognito, but I don't want to directly link my academic activities to my Steemit profile, at least not yet. I have nothing to hide, but my instincts tell me it is better this way.

Is your work bound up with a producing a pharmaceutical product, or are you purely research based?

If a purely natural remedy (non-industrially processed) cure was proven to cure cancer, does that put you out of a job?

My profile I present on here is all related to my art or creativity. My personal life remains offline. ;-)

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