Hurricane Maria Update: Even Closer To The US Coast Now (Spagetti Models)

in science •  11 months ago

The spagetti models are now saying that a direct landfall onto US shores are much more likely than yesterday. Here is the latest forecast:

storm_15 (1).gif

Comment: At this time, most models are showing a US hit, not a direct hit, but the hurricane will cause problems in the state of North Carolina. Out of these models, 2 of them are showing a direct hit out of 16.

By the way, here is the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center:

FireShot Capture 627 - HURRICANE MARIA - http___www.nhc.noaa.gov_graphics_at5.shtml_cone#contents.png

Comment: This model is only showing a slight touch, but I would be very cautious and not take any chances if I lived in the Carolinas.

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