Here's What Would Happen if Humans Disappeared

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According to Science, humans have inhabited Earth for nearly two million years. During this period, humanity evolved greatly, sometimes negatively reflected on the earth and contributed to its destruction and aging, which means that man may be an annoying guest on the planet!

But have you ever thought of what would happen if all human beings disappeared in the blink of an eye from the surface of the planet?

The first seconds after the extinction of humanity ..

Everything will start with traffic crashes: trains, buses and cars will continue to move until they collide with each other and with things. It will look pretty much like that unforgettable picture in one of Sweden's mornings when the driving has shifted from the left side of the road to the right!

Then It will be Dark

Over time, energy from power plants will run out because of the depletion of coal supplies. The darkness will begin to creep in and out, which will turn off all computers, aircraft and aircraft. And that would be the official end of the computer age ( The era where Computers started to think and human stopped. )

Future wildlife

The wildlife will remain relatively calm until emissions from chemical plants are released into the environment. All nuclear power plants are exploding all over the world and will not subside until large doses of radiation are released, leading to unpredictable genetic mutations of all forms of organisms.

In a very similar way to the Madagascar film, wildlife will prevail in cities that are no longer inhabited by human beings. After nature has regained control and wild and marine herbs have taken over the environment.


In 15 years, all roads will be covered with algae. With each decade, more plants will spread to cover human remnants. Houses will rot, the dams and bridges will be disrupted.

Eiffel Tower will turn into a shelter for wild pigs, and the statue of liberty will not lift his hand proudly. The plains of North America will be inhabited by cattle and reindeer. All cities on the east coast will gradually disappear due to the hurricanes, and the cities of the southern coast of the United States will disappear due to floods.

After 25,000 years, the Earth will face an Ice Age instead of global warming. This time, ice will not have a major impact on animal species, but most will adapt to new conditions. No human remains will be found under soil and ice because they will be completely decomposed. Who knows what can happen otherwise!

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Madagascar film

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