Beautiful Photography of Kolkata Part 1 | "Evolution of life" Science City

in science •  3 months ago

The Science city of kolkata is the largest science centre and one of the finest in the world.pack 10.jpg
It has Various Section in Science city kolkata But one of the most beautiful section is Evolution of life Dark Ride.
pack 9.jpg
Lot's of Foreigners visit here in this Science city. I have visited 6 month ago with my friends.its a vast and so much beautiful and expansive Science Journey.
pack 7.jpg
These all are my personal photography. We Have enjoyed a lotDSC_0036 (2).JPG

Device : Nikon D80
Place : Science City , Kolkata
Entry Fee : Local 100Rs & Foreigners 500Rs
Dark Ride Entry Fee: 40Rs


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Omg......... Just excellent photography brother.... Just excellent.


Thank you so much

awesome photography brother. perfect photography like as professional. carry on bro.


thank you so much brother.

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You doing great bro. keep on posting and writing good stuff! Following you


thank you so much bro. you just pray for me.


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