A Baby Frozen For 24 Years Has Successfully Been Born

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In November 25 2017, a mind-blowing achievement was seen in the field of medical sciences. A baby was effectively born from an embryo that was frozen for about 24 years (14th Oct 1992). Meet “Emma”, the baby that broke the natural laws of reproduction.

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Frozen “snowbaby” embryos

The term “snowbaby” is used to depict an embryo that is kept in a state of cryostasis or frozen for future activation and birth. Clearly, Emma has been a major success to this story (and also the longest frozen embryo). She was born in Tennessee. But here are some weird facts relating to Emma. 

Emma’s mother; Tina, was 25 years when the embryo was transplanted into her uterus. That means when Emma was created by anonymous donors, and frozen, Tina was just 1 years old.  Biologically speaking, Tina is older than her daughter with just 1 year

In the words of Emma’s parents (Benjamin and Tina Gibson)

This is a significant accomplishment. This has proven that embryos, like the very one that turned out to be Emma, can be carefully donated and left iced up in storage for prospective couples besieged with infertility.  – Benjamin and Tina Gibson

The future of reproduction and fertility

Now, there are quite some options to choose from in relation to fertility and reproduction. Permit me to say that rays of hope have arisen on the path of couples with infertility issues. Before now, we have seen bionic uterus, robotic conception, and the likes, now another option has arrived. 

 More advances are underway.

Let me give us an idea of what is coming: The 3D printed ovaries. Yey!! I said that

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These advances are really pointing out to one direction, which is this: 

They are setting up the practicalities of an opportunity in which conception, and beginning a family would be something that everybody can decide to; also giving a new option and hope to people who have never had such opportunities.

Reservations on this

There are some reservations people have concerning this procedure. The first is the cost of this procedure. Believe me, the current price has suggested that this procedure is currently reserved for wealthy. Advances should be made to cut cost, so that the average humans can afford it.

The second reservation is in the area of ethics. People have argued that this has gone against the normal method of reproduction, and could ultimately lead to a period where women would no longer need men for reproduction. Frozen embryos could be gotten from “embryo bank”.

In my own opinion, I really hope this era won’t present in that manner. Well, time will tell.

Thank you for reading.

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