Study Finds Increased Police Militarization Comes At The Expense Of Public Support

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A recent study that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), by the assistant professor of politics and public affairs from Princeton University, suggests that increased police militarization comes at the expense of public support for the police.

The more that we move toward militarization of the police forces, the more that researchers say it might damage their reputation (the police) with the public, the study suggests.

Aside from that, it also suggests that increased militarization fails to reduce or deter crime. It doesn't keep you any safer.

When police officers are portrayed wearing military gear, researchers found that the public support for the group was significantly diminished. The researcher behind the study suggests that trying to reduce such militarization might not only benefit the public but the police as well.

The study required participants to view a variety of images that depicted different degrees of police militarization. After viewing the image, the participants were asked about their opinion on public funding for the police, as well as their confidence in the agency. What they found was that when participants were shown images of increasing militarization, their support dropped.

The study found that increased militarization can not only diminished support, but that it has also failed to reduce violent crime, and it damages the reputation of the police agency overall.

Aside from that, it also fails to reduce violence against officers, researchers suggest.

Thanks to the illogical war on drugs and the self-serving war on terror, which have both cost the public trillions of dollars, police departments around the nation have increasingly become militarized. Their abuse of civil asset forfeiture in a variety of circumstances has also helped drastically to supplement their budgets as well.

It's become routine to see a variety of police departments frequently deploy S.W.A.T teams and using a variety of weapons and vehicles that you'd commonly see utilized in warfare overseas, rather than domestic routine police work.

This growing trend has come at the expense of liberty for the people.

Researchers suggest that this police militarization might contribute significantly to promoting a variety of social problems and in-return we really see little-to-no public safety benefit. It's time to turn back in the other direction, because it turns out that people aren't really big fans of seeing a pseudo-army patrolling through their neighborhood.


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I think this is going to be a global trend.

Wow nice information brother


I did not know about this study and what militarization caused in society in many countries, I see it in the movies as they go out into the streets full of trucks and weapons to the teeth

further militarization fails to reduce or deter crime. It does not keep you more secure, this is very true


Fascist New World Order on the horizon. Why do you think the US government is pushing so hard for gun control? A disarmed population cant defend itself from a totalitarian state. Hitler, Mao and Stalin all disarmed their public and then murdered any dissidents before their tyrannical rise to power. This is happening in the US and worldwide. Dont go into denial.


It is not in all cases many see them as great heeroes and feel safe if they are, there are opinions of opinions, greetings from Venezuela


What the sheep doting on their violent shepherds, and the thugs in riot gear, fail to note is that increasing the offensive aggression by police increases the death rate of police officers, as desperate civilians resort to the only recourse left them.

What the fascist banksters fail to note is that Hitler, Mao, and Stalin are all dead, and their memories are reviled, and further, advances in technology have vastly increased the capabilities of oppressed peoples to more decisively and quickly end their subjugation by vicious overlords.

Should this trend continue it will become an unstoppable tide of history that will end in the desecration of the entire world, and the utter repudiation with extreme prejudice of institutions that seek to prey on free people, and those persons that have sought to profit from them.

It is fallacious to consider firearms the bleeding edge of defense technology common people are availed today. There is a storm, a perfect storm, of concatenating technologies, each strengthening the other, that transform the paradigm of society. Thuggish armies will be more vulnerable than they proved to be in WWI, with the advent of machine guns, toxic chemicals, and mechanized cavalry.

The soft retirements of such savage conquerors will no longer pertain. Anons will dox them, and prediction markets will fund their hard recompense. China appears to be the personal fiefdom of Xi Jinping today, but underneath the apparent seething mass of timid acceptance of their fate are brilliant and outraged minds finding ways out.

There will be comeuppance. Blowback. They can bomb weddings and try to hide the laws of physics, but they cannot bomb away the grief and outrage, nor repeal the laws of physics which presently reveal means of ending such war crimes.

There will soon dawn a new day, and the light of understanding will break open the shutters of darkness that has blinded corralled chattel, and their blazing fury will be directed fully upon the architects of the oppression they have survived.

Tyrants take heed.

The USA war on drugs is laughable as they have the best Armies, police, resources and yet fails to eliminate drugs in their country. It is just like that they are just being employed to supposedly fight drugs/terrorism just for the sake of it @doitvoluntarily