Is There A Way To Boost Creativity?

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Researchers have found that people who are more creative have the ability to simultaneously engage different brain networks that traditionally do not work together.

After asking participants taking part in a previous study, to come up with creative uses for everyday items, researchers studied brain scans and uncovered this pattern of connectivity. They found that it would most often correlate with creative responses from participants.

Scientists as a result, have suggested that the creative brain is wired differently.

If someone isn't necessarily creative, does that mean that there's no hope for them to improve? Certainly not. This is because researchers have affirmed that through encouragement, collaborations, and education, that people can improve their creativity.

For those who tend to be more positive in life, it's been found that maintaining that positive mood might help to boost creativity.

Scientists have also researched the potential for brain stimulation to make you more creative, along with tiny doses of magic mushrooms, meditation, listening to music, and more.

Surprisingly, they've discovered that listening to music can significantly impair creativity.

Researchers from the University of Central Lancashire, with help from others, previously discovered that music has the ability to greatly impede the creative process.

Scientists sought to test the verbal creativity of study participants, and they found that a variety of background music can significantly impair people's ability to perform those verbal creativity tasks.

This included testing with music that had familiar lyrics, as well as instrumental music without lyrics, and background music with foreign lyrics.

While music might impede the process, there are still other activities that have been known to help.

For those who might like to foster a little bit more creativity in their lives, it's good to know that all hope is not lost if you don't fancy yourself a creative individual at the moment, there is the opportunity to grow and you do have the ability to improve.


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I love the plasticity of the brain, we can do whatever we wish really. It is just a matter of keeping on working at it. So I believe self belief with persistence, tenacity and determination helps.

electronic music opens a whole new chapter ! ;)

really starting at 3:40 :D

That's so interesting! I am going to try without music and see if that helps. I usually put on some ambient music to drown out background sound.


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