Rook at this mess: French park trains crows to pick up litter Birds will be rewarded with food every time they bring a cigarette butt or other rubbish, says manager

in science •  3 months ago

From The Guardian

Six crows trained to pick up cigarette ends and rubbish will be put to work next week at a French historical theme park, according to its president.

“The goal is not just to clear up, because the visitors are generally careful to keep things clean” but also to show that “nature itself can teach us to take care of the environment”, said Nicolas de Villiers of the Puy du Fou park, in the western Vendee region.

Rooks, a member of the crow family of birds that also includes the carrion crow, jackdaw and raven, are considered to be “particularly intelligent” and in the right circumstances “like to communicate with humans and establish a relationship through play”, Villiers said.

The birds will be encouraged to spruce up the park through the use of a small box that delivers a nugget of bird food each time the rook deposits a cigarette end or small piece of rubbish

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One odd fact I've picked up in life is to never mess around with crows. They are apparently very smart with superb memories and can harbour a grudge for years while seeking revenge on whomever had the gaul to mess with them. It's good to see their intellect is now being put to a good use.

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Umm.. Interesting approach. I hope it works out. Less labor costs hopefully and might as well put the freeloaders to work.

Why not making strict rules for humans..... this for real? cool..