Picacho Peak State Park Milky Way Panorama

in science •  6 months ago


I was finally able to get to the panoramic edit from Picahcho Peak State Park, you can see my tripod and me as a shadow in the shot. Unfortunately I had some light behind me that interfered a bit with every photo. Considering the issues I was still happy with the results although not ideal.


Here is another edit that is a little darker


Finally here is my original 3 image panorama for reference, let me know which one is your favorite.

Canon 6D
14MM Rokinon

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Thanks for the upvotes, resteems and comments

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Thank you for posting these photographs @azfix.

The first one is a strong artisitc photograph and quite lovely.

....showing a certain photographer hard at work....well done.


Thanks @bluejay its nice to know that a few people on steemit appreciate dark-sky photography as I do.

Hello, @zfix! :)


Hey @mayasiam thanks for stopping by and saying hello, I enjoy seeing your new posts.

Amazing Milky Way in panoramic edit! I especially like the second one most. You did great work, as always. ;)

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Nice! Is that Tucson glowing on the left side ? Picacho peak is a nice little hike. I have always wondered if anyone has ever base jumped off it. It might not seem high enough and then I saw Chase Rainford jumping off 400 footers in Utah. I was blown away because I thought you needed at least 500 feet.


Screw that, very little room for mistakes
The light to the left is from a shop/gas station and behind that Tucson


Chase lives on the edge. That dude has like 100s of lives. It is unreal.

Very nice, Amazing photos. Very beautiful . detailed and focused. Upvoted and followed


Thank you, I appreciate the support

Oh yay, glad I finally stumbled upon one of your amazing pictures again! I think I like the darkest one best. I always tend to go for lots of contract in pictures and usually lean towards the darker side.


Thanks, I am with you on the darker side

Wonderful pictures @azfix
It's hard because they are pretty close, but my favorite is the first one. I think it has a little bit more red in it.


Thanks, it was a little bit of pain with all the light around even though it was a new moon.


The light pollution is very high, even here in a tiny town. It is very hard to see the Milkyway.

That is really beautiful Picacho Peak State Park Milky Way Panorama photography,thanks for share with us

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so beautiful pics.
I love cosmology and astronomy.

Our galaxy is really beautiful on its own @azfix and..

Thank you

It is a beautiful shot of one of the hands of our galaxy. @azfix