The Elephant-sized Dicynodont of Rhaetian Triassic Poland Compared to a PersonsteemCreated with Sketch.

in science •  16 days ago

Img source: Science, credit Sulej et al

Don't get too exited. This is just a quickie post while I am waiting for data gathering script to finish.

I wrote about Lisowicia bojani, giant sized dicynodont that coexisted with mammals a while back. This is a relative of mammals that coexisted with the early dinosaurs and was roughly elephant sized. For many people, that is something of an abstract concept. However, today, the scientific paper became publicly available. In that paper, one of the figures (Figure 1) had a silhouette comparison of a person with L. bojani. That would give a proper perspective to the animal's size and allow people to compare how it to a person.

Hence, a post.

One thing I want everyone to note: take a look at the size of the skull!


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