Methane - On the Rampage

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Methane is the primary component of natural gas a common day to day used fuel source for gas and electricity. Even though it helps for domestic cause but excessive use for commercial gains are also blooming. There are certain incidents where methane is leaked at commercial sites, results in warming the atmosphere and certain contributor for Green House just like fellow teammate carbon dioxide. For instance, Industries use methane to dry, dehumidify, melt and sanitize products. 

                  Question that are raised and answers so far as follows, 1. Does the earth have enough source of methane to satisfy both domestic and commercial needs? 2. If Methane is limited, Priority is biased to commercials because of abundant income? 3. The safety of pipeline free from leaking methane into atmosphere? 4. Does methane mining make the land unusable? 

                 Methane sources are abundant but at the same time the places which are already been used are abandoned. In 1990 US accounted some small portion of villages not stable for human life. The analysis shows commercially lot of projects already completed and new projects being signed on regular intervals in many countries. Earlier in 2006, Report illustrates Russia to Siberia had a persistent leakage in pipeline and that got sorted out by experts. Post 2006 China, India and countries from South East Asia are high contributors for this Greenhouse. In India, I Myself witnessed large numbers of agreement signed in Tamilnadu State without the knowledge of villagers belonged to that place. Massive Protest erupted after the construction start to kick off and many are still in the law of justice to make decision. 

                       My sincere message to all people who got the chance to read this and find something related to methane project crops up in your village or nearby place. Please get to know the safety and details of the project and consequences relating to methane. After all we have only one earth to protect without any option. Noah’s Ark was helped by floods but we are helpless in dire situation like this. 

Source - Guardian website and other related Methane article are used to prepare this.       

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