Steem Snake Challenge - Winners Announcement

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Have you been participating in our Steem Snake competition? Check below if you got the highest score of all players..

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Playing Steem Snake

Steem snake is a SteemIt version of an old computer game that you've probably played at one point in your life.

We asked our members to compete on the 'Easy' level and submit their scores in the comments section underneath the contest post, so we could find out who the most skilled players were.



This time, there were only 4 players

@buddyboyb - 34 points

@niallon11 - 59 points

@poyim - 52.5 points

@izaid - 55 points

Thanks for taking up our challenge!



In the original contest post, I promised the two players with the highest scores upvotes from my personal account.
Unfortunately, I'm taking part in an experiment at the moment, and I have no VP to spare.

I will send a Steem prize to the winners instead.

And the winners are: @niallon11 & @izaid

I also pomised to sponsor a @steembasicincome share for one randomly chosen resteemer. That lucky resteemer is @asadpannu.

Your share has been sponsored:



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Aaaaw im so bummed i missed this one!!! I uaed to love playing this game on my old Nokia!!!

Congrats to all the winners!!! I hope you had some awesome nostalgic fun!!!

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I can´t believe I forgot to publish my entry.... damn!
After 3 games I reached 45 points, but I thought it was not enough and I didn't even bother to print-screen it. The week went by so fast that I didn't get any time to play more.

Thank you so much @newbiegames